The Aloys Fleischmann Prize

The Society for Musicology in Ireland (SMI) and the Department of Music at University College Cork (UCC) are pleased to announce the inaugural Aloys Fleischmann Prize. It will first be awarded at the SMI Annual Plenary Conference, 24-26 June 2022, hosted by the Department of Music, School of Film, Music and Theatre, UCC.

The prize, which will be awarded on a biennial basis, is established to recognise outstanding practice-based scholarship as part of the Society’s aim of fostering musical scholarship in all its forms. It is named after the composer, musicologist and perfomer Professor Aloys Fleischmann who was Chair of Music at University College Cork from 1934 to 1980, and who was a leading figure in the development of music in Ireland in the twentieth century.

A prize of €500, co-funded by the SMI and the Department of Music, UCC, will be awarded for a distinguished portfolio with accompanying dissertation/extended essay as part of a practice-based masters or doctoral degree at an institution in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. While the prize will normally be awarded for work submitted as part of a degree conferred within the two most recent academic years, for the inaugural Aloys Fleischmann Prize an additional year has been included to extend eligibility to the period to 2018-2021.

Each institution is asked to nominate and submit one entry as a shared folder comprising audio/audiovisual recordings (in MP3/MP4 formats), and scores and dissertations/extended essays (in PDF format), as appropriate, to on or before the deadline of 25 March 2022.

The prize will be adjudicated by a panel of Irish and international judges and submitted to the Aloys Fleischmann Prize Committee for award at the SMI Annual Plenary Conference.

The Aloys Fleischmann Prize Committee for 2022:
Dr Wolfgang Marx (Chair)
Dr Damian Evans
Professor Denise Neary
Dr Jeffrey Weeter