Members' Online Forum

Go to the SMI members' online forum:

Our online forum, set up in 2019, is a special place where current members of the Society may interact with each other and exchange ideas on all matters concerning their work and musicology in Ireland in the broadest sense. It is a discussion forum useful for professional networking and for sharing information and observations concerning research projects, career opportunities, grant applications, and developments in such areas as third-level teaching, administration and postgraduate activity, to name but a few. But this is more than a discussion forum. The Humanities Commons site gives us a secure place where members may share files and data, for instance when seeking private feedback on their in-progress work.

To join the forum, please follow these steps:

  1. First you need to become a registered member of Humanities Commons: see
  2. Once you have registered and logged in to Humanities Commons, search under "Groups" for the private group called "Society for Musicology in Ireland Forum", which displays at
  3. Submit a request to join this group, which will go to the group's administrator, Anja Bunzel, for approval.
  4. If your Humanities Commons username is not your real name, please send a mail to Dr Bunzel at giving your username and real name so that she may check that you are a current member of the SMI.