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The Society for Musicology in Ireland (SMI) was founded in 2003 to serve the growing community of musicologists in Ireland. In 2011 it was recognised as a charity whose prime task is the advancement of musicological research both nationally and internationally.

Membership in SMI is open to all interested in musicological research, individuals as well as institutions, libraries and organisations. In addition to our annual plenary and graduate conferences, the society supports and promotes a wide range of musicological activities and scholarly events, through which we offer a forum for information and exchange of ideas for all those interested in concepts and questions regarding Historical Musicology, Ethnomusicology, and Systematic Musicology.

As a member you will enjoy reduced fees on selected publications, at events organised in association with the society and at our annual conferences, where you can present your research in a supportive environment. One of the aims of the society is to generate public awareness of the importance of music teaching and research in higher education and society. Our close association with our many Affiliated Members demonstrates our integral role in many aspects of music education in Ireland. We strive to support our dynamic, innovative graduates and scholars through the SMI Music Theses Register, our newly-established careers forum, and two regular publications: the peer-reviewed Journal of the Society of Musicology in Ireland and our book series Irish Musical Studies. We offer prestigious awards for outstanding scholarship, symposia awards for events organised in association with the society, as well as travel grants for independent and student scholars. An important part of our mission is to foster a culture of inquiry, collegiality and collaboration among our members, to cultivate links with other learned societies within Ireland and internationally.

Lorraine Byrne Bodley MRIA, President

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