Welcome to the Society for Musicology in Ireland website

The SMI was founded in 2003 to serve the growing community of musicologists in Ireland. In 2011 it was recognised as a charity whose aim is to promote musical scholarship in Ireland. The society helps promote a wide range of activities in Ireland's dynamic musicological environment: in addition to our annual plenary and students' conferences we support scholarly events organised in association with the society. An important part of our mission is a commitment to the series Irish Musical Studies, the peer-reviewed Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, and the SMI Music Theses Register.

Our close association with our many Affiliated Members demonstrates our integral role in many aspects of music education and scholarship, and membership of the society makes you a member of this growing community of scholars in Ireland and abroad. In addition to enjoying reduced fees at conferences and on selected publications, you will also benefit from networking with colleagues and friends at our conferences where you can present your research in a supportive environment.

We support independent and student scholars through our bursary awards, and our website provides a platform for the Irish national committees of RILM and RISM.

Kerry Houston, President of the SMI


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